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Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Local Government, Hon. Robert Montague is encouraging members of the Westmorland Youth Council to respect their positions and serve with pride.
“In serving you can effect change and enhance the quality of life for persons in a community,” he told them, as he addressed the monthly meeting of the Westmoreland Parish Council on November 11.
Members of Youth Council were participating in their first assignment – observing the Parish Council in a general meeting – ahead of their major activity for Local Government Month on November 18, when they take over the Parish Council for a day.
“You have started on a noble path of service and if you intend to continue into political representation, understand that there is a downside. Sometimes people will attack you, accuse you and abuse you, but when you see that you have effected change in enhancing a community, it is worth it. When you see that you can agitate for, and get a community centre built, get the roads repaired, get the drains fixed, at the end of the day when you add up the positives, it will be worth it,” Mr. Montague said.

Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Local Government,Hon. Robert Montague (right), addressing the Westmoreland Parish Council on November 11. At second right is the Mayor of Savanna-La-Mar, Councillor Bertel Moore and at third right is Secretary/Manager, Opal Beharie.

He called on all senior Councillors to continue to support the youth councillors and not to relent in their overall responsibilities and duties as they serve the people of the parish.
“I want to remind you all that you come to the table not to be served but to serve and so far I am very pleased, because the councillors, officers and workers of the Westmoreland Parish Council have indeed fulfilled that mandate. I am pleased with the level of achievement of this parish council,” the State Minister said.
Mr. Montague explained to the youth councillors the roles and responsibilities of parish councils and also the roles of Mayors and Councillors and other officers. The youth councillors also got an opportunity to question the State Minister.

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