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Twenty-nine year-old Erika Heslop dreamt of writing and publishing books of poetry as a teenager, ever since she learnt to write poems at her alma mater, Camperdown High School, in Kingston.
That dream has been realised, with Miss Heslop penning two poetry books, ‘A Poetic Revelation’ and her latest work, ‘The Power of Words’.
The ‘Power of Words’, which has been printed by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), will be launched on Sunday, November 1, at Eden Gardens, 39 Lady Musgrave Road, beginning at 5:00 p.m. ‘A Poetic Revelation’ was launched early this year at the same venue.
Miss Heslop told JIS News that her love for writing poems began during her childhood years at primary school, when she was introduced to poems by the late cultural icon, Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley.
“I was introduced to Louise Bennett’s poetry and from then I just absolutely fell in love with poetry,” she said.
Miss Heslop noted that it was not difficult writing her first book, since at the time she was going through a difficult period in her life and “the poetry just come out.”
“My inspiration really comes from my spiritual connection with God and the different experiences that I have had in my lifetime,” she said.
She pointed out that some of her poems have focused on her lifetime experiences. For example, she said, some of her poems have expressed her first job experiences and dealing with persons at various managerial levels.
This young author, who is also an accountant by profession, said her poetry has powerful messages.
“The main message in the book is to really express yourself truly and to promote positivity and for people to identify and to utilise their talents and to live life fully,” she said.
Miss Heslop plans to read her poems, especially to young people, across the island, so that they will grow to appreciate and love poetry. “Poetry is something that soothes the soul and the spirit, and helps you to express what is truly within,” she added.
The author told JIS News that she would continue writing poetry and also plans to write short stories. “I have a lot to tell. I have a lot to express and I really want to be someone to revolutionise the way people see poetry, both locally and internationally,” she said.

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