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Minister of State for Finance and Planning, Fitz Jackson, has challenged young people to resist the lure of crime and to stay focused on “what is right, what is fair, and what is just”.
“The challenge that Jamaica’s young people face is how to give up that which is attractive and chose something that is less attractive and if you chose from an early age, the things that are bad, the things that are dangerous, you are blighting and stifling the possibilities for your own well-being as you get older in life,” he stated.
Mr. Jackson, who is Member of Parliament for Southern St. Catherine, was addressing the Lauriston and Thompson Pen 4-H community youth forum and launch of the St. Catherine Parish Youth Council on Saturday (Feb.18), in Spanish Town.
He noted that adopting basic courtesies such as “saying thank you, being able to say sorry, excuse me, please, little things like these, will begin to instil discipline”.
According to the State Minister, adults too had a critical role to play in shaping the outlook of the Jamaican youth, pointing out that too many people were not concerned enough about the impact of crime and violence on the society and the prospects for development. “We must all begin to take responsibility for what is happening around us. Too many of us see the problem as someone else’s problem,” he lamented.
The forum, which attracted a wide cross-section of the St. Catherine youth and adult population, featured several interactive sessions where participants discussed various aspects of crime and violence including the use of the gun, narcotics, gang violence and feuds and kidnappings, rape and ransom.
Resource persons were from the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

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