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Young people from Canada, who are in the island for the third Jamaican Diaspora Conference, will hold a press briefing at the Canadian High Commission, 3 West King’s House Road this Friday (June 13), starting at 10:00 a.m.
Members of the media are invited to listen to the young people, who are part of the Future Leadership section of the Jamaican Diaspora-Canada Foundation (JD-CF), as they discuss the aims and objectives of the group.
The mandate of the group, age 18 to 30 years, is to encourage and equip young Jamaicans to take charge of their communities and to ensure that there are constantly fresh eyes on the problems that affect them.
Close to half of the 150 persons, who make up the Canadian delegation to the Diaspora conference are Future Leaders, the largest group of young persons ever to attend the biennial gathering of Jamaicans from across the world.
According to Philip Mascoll, President of the JD-CF, the large contingent of young people continues the thrust, that the Diaspora arm in Canada started at the second Jamaican Diaspora Conference in 2006, when the delegation included a dozen members between 18 and 30 years old.
Mr. Mascoll, who is one of two members from Canada to serve on the Diaspora Advisory Board, told JIS News that the Future Leadership component of the delegation will continue the process of building network and links between members of the new generation of Jamaicans in Jamaica and those in the Diaspora.
“Our young people need to start to step into leadership roles and we need to encourage and help train them to do so. Our leadership is aging and becoming ineffective, and we do not at present have enough of our young in a position to take over the reins in our community. Huge numbers of highly intelligent young people exist in Jamaica and Jamaican communities. They have to be motivated and encouraged to take their place in leadership,” Mr. Mascoll said.
The Canadian delegation to the conference, which will take place at the Jamaican Conference Centre on June 16 and 17, is drawn from Jamaican organizations and businesses in every area of Canada where Jamaicans reside.

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