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Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Delroy Chuck, says young people are capable of achieving whatever targets they set for themselves, through application and hard work.
Speaking at the conclusion of the Kingston Junior Chamber International’s (JCI) entrepreneurial workshop, at the offices of the Jamaica Scuba Diving Club, at Altamont Crescent, New Kingston, on Thursday (April 22), Mr. Chuck noted multi-billionaires such as Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates, and author of the Harry Potter novel series, J.K. Rowling, whom he said virtually started from nothing, and worked hard to achieve the fame, success and fortune they now enjoy.
Noting that these individuals resorted to creative thinking and application to attain their achievements, he contended that young people displaying ambitious traits were equally capable of reaping similar success.
“You have a (brain).and you can programme that (brain) to do anything (that you want to accomplish).to become a businessperson.of talent, employing one, five (or) 100 can programme yourself to be what you want to be,” Mr. Chuck asserted.
Over 15 young people participated in the four-day JCI workshop, between April 19 to 22, which primarily focused on the key areas of entrepreneurship. These included: developing entrepreneurial skills; establishing a business; mobilising resources; and information and communication technology (ICT). Each participant was presented with certificate.
In delivering his charge, Mr. Chuck urged participants to maximise on the training they received by creating opportunities to enhance and advance their development.
“The future is before you. Today is the first day of the rest of your lives and you can make your life what you want it to be. Ensure that you are honest,.have integrity,.have character,.(and) that people can rely on you.these are important traits, important principles by which you must live. Focus on a goal (and) don’t fear being a failure. Just have faith in what you want to be,” Mr. Chuck charged.
He also commended the Kingston JCI for hosting the workshop, describing it as a “wonderful programme” capable of enhancing and empowering the society’s young people, adding that “this will go a far way in ensuring that Jamaica becomes a better place.”

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