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Marketing and Public Education Officer with the HEART Trust/National Training Agency (NTA), Kimona Hudson, has suggested that young people who are seeking to settle on a career path, should also get trained in a technical area, to boost their employability and entrepreneurship.
“It is important that you have some form of skills. We see where persons lose their jobs and have to rely on their entrepreneurial abilities to survive. So, we will work with you to plan your career,” she told participants of a recent symposium, organised by the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD), and held at the Manchester High School, in Mandeville.
Ms. Hudson pointed out that the business of technical training has gathered pace globally, and that the HEART Trust/NTA, during this year, has been making a concerted effort to help persons in identifying and planning their careers. This effort, she said, would empower career seekers to be multi equipped for the work and business arena.

Employment Facilitation Officer with the HEART Trust/NTA, Karen Redwood (left), addressing persons attending a recent symposium, held at the Manchester High School, in Mandeville, and organised by the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD).

“We will take you through your career path; we will do a symmetric test in helping to guide you, knowing where your interests are and match them with your career. While you are thinking of becoming a doctor, or other careers, it is a good thing to have a technical skill. Coupled with that, it is good to have an entrepreneurial spirit,” she said.
The HEART Trust/NTA has some 26 training institutions across the island, offering different programmes for persons 17 years and over, and in partnership with other organisations, runs over 100 community based training facilities in various communities.

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