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Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller has said that the nation’s young men must be steered away from materialism and be instilled with the true values of self worth and responsibility.
“They have to come to understand that their net worth is not what is in their bank accounts or in their physical assets,” Mrs. Simpson Miller stated. She was addressing the launch of Society for the Collaborative Lifting and Advancing of Inner-city Males (S-CLAIM) initiative yesterday (August 23) at the Hilton Kingston hotel.
“Young men need to have a sense of hope. They need to know that there are things worth striving for, that tomorrow can be better than today.if you believe there is no hope, then you will not have any inspiration or motivation to plan positively for the future. The decline in values and attitudes among some of our youth can be traced to the fact that they too have given up and don’t have the drive to go on,” the Prime Minister stressed.
Citing fatherlessness as a major contributor to a number of the social ills in the society and as one of the most “debilitating factors of inner-city life”, she urged fathers to play a greater role in their children’s lives, and to teach young men a sense of responsibility.
Therefore, she said, a programme such as S-CLAIM should serve to instill such positive values and the multiplier effect would greatly benefit the country. “I endorse the objectives of the programme to inspire hope and inspiration among young men. This is critically important,” the Prime Minister said.
Also addressing the function, Director of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), which is implementing the programme, Pastor Desmond Robinson, said the inner city was chosen for this project because, “when one is hardened by inner city life, they will find solutions, and many times, the solutions that they find, will not be the ones that we like. When young people are given the right tools, they will freely dream, good dreams.they will build nation building dreams, they will see visions of an uplifting future”.
S-CLAIM is designed to foster the social and educational development of 42 young men who live and attend selected inner city schools, in the communities of Montego Bay, Spanish Town, and East and West Central Kingston. The proramme targets young men in the 9th Grade and will continue assisting them until age 20. They will be enrolled in institutions of higher learning such as the Northern Caribbean University, the University of the West Indies, and the University of Technology.