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Senior Education Officer, Esmelda McKenzie, has issued a challenge to young Jamaicans to make full use of all the facilities and opportunities available to them, as they seek to advance themselves.
She also advised them to live by positive values, and to exercise discipline, integrity and determination in their quest to achieve their full potential.
Mrs. McKenzie, who is attached to the Ministry of Education’s Region 6 Unit, was delivering the keynote address at the school leaving exercise at the Foga Road High School in Clarendon, recently.
“See that you maintain a high moral attitude, the things that are pure and just and are of good report, act them out in your life. Respect yourself by the things you do and the places you go. Do not allow anyone to label you a bad boy or a bad girl. Shy away from bad company. Be that virtuous young boy, be that virtuous young girl to whom other young people will want to gravitate. Respect not only yourself, but others. Use all the facilities and the opportunities at your disposal to advance yourselves,” she urged the school leavers.
Troy High School in Trelawny and Foga Road High School were the two high schools officially opened by the Ministry of Education in September 2007.
Foga Road High commenced operations with 260 students at the Grade 7 level. The Ministry of Education has projected that within the next 5 years, the school will be brought up to the standard of established high schools, offering all the general courses to students from Grade 7 to 11.
Principal of the institution, Kerinth Bailey, commended the Principal and Board of Glenmuir High School in the parish for the supportive role they have played since the school’s inception.
She also acknowledged the assistance provided by other community groups and individuals in advancing the school’s growth and development.
The school continues to live up to its motto: ‘Reach for the skies: Realize your potential,’ copping three medals and certificates in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) Speech Festival. It has also competed favourably with other schools in the area of sports and academics.

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