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Two and half year-old Chadae Paul and her mother, Stacy Ann Paul left London yesterday (February 6), following successful heart surgery on Chadae at the world renown Harley Street Clinic in London.
The surgery was arranged and facilitated by the United Kingdom (UK) based Chain of Hope medical charity. Chadae was originally scheduled to undergo surgery in Jamaica last November, during the Chain of Hope visit to the island. However, she was unable to be treated as she was suffering from a bout of pneumonia.
Mother Stacy Ann told JIS News that she was pleased with their three-week stay in London, and that a healthier Chadae would be returning home to Bell Plains in Clarendon to be reunited with husband, Rohan and baby brother, Nicholas.
She said that Chadae’s heart condition has been a constant worry for the family since her birth in June 2001. “Sometimes it was very hard for us, because we had to take her to the Bustamante Hospital in Kingston and we were always worried about her,” she added.
While in the UK, Mrs. Paul and Chadae stayed with a host family from Chain of Hope. However, the Jamaican community and the High Commission in London rallied around her and Chadae, to ensure that they were comfortable, by making regular visits, providing home cooked Jamaican meals, clothing and toys.
Mrs. Paul told JIS News that the support really meant a lot to her and Chadae. “I am really pleased with the support we received. Everyone has been very good to us,” she said.
The Jamaican community rallied to support the Chain of Hope medical mission to Jamaica in November. Members provided just under $700,000 to assist the team to perform cardiac surgery on 15 Jamaican children. It was the second time that the Jamaican community was supporting Chain of Hope.
Young Chadae will continue to have regular follow up care at the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

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