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Farmers of yellow yam in St. Ann are being urged to attend the training sessions being held to help improve productivity in the parish.
The appeal has come from Manager for the St. Ann Branch of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), Pedro Worghs, who told JIS News that a training session was held at a Food and Agriculture/European Union (FAO/EU) demonstration yam plot, in the Claremont area, on June 17, where more than 50 farmers turned out to gather valuable information.
“Farmers accessed training on how to control nematodes in yellow yam and they were also exposed to the hot water treatment of yellow yam heads,” Mr. Worghs said, noting that he was pleased with the level of participation by the farmers.
He said the date for the next training session is to be announced, but farmers could contact the RADA office in Claremont at telephone numbers 972-3258 or 972-4216 for details.
When JIS News contacted farmers who accessed the training on June 17, they said they benefitted a lot and encouraged others to attend the sessions to be held in the future.
“The training was really good and I learnt a lot. I am part of a farmer group in my area and when next we meet as a group, I intend to share what I have learnt with the other members,” Martin Downer said.
Farmer, St. Aubyn Jackson said that he too learnt a lot from the training session. “I am appealing to all farmers who plant yellow yam to get in touch with RADA and try to learn the basic techniques about the crop, because one of the things that was misinterpreted by us, as yam farmers, was that whenever the yam stayed in the ground too long, it was burning, but we learnt that this was not so. We were made to understand that the yam was being affected by a disease. So, unless a farmer comes to these training sessions, he will not get the full understanding of what to do in these situations,” Mr. Jackson said.

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