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On Wednesday, October 20, Jamaica will join the rest of the world in celebrating the inaugural World Statistics Day, a United Nations’ designated day which will be observed under the theme, “Celebrating the Many Achievements of Official Statistics”.
The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) is urging all entities engaged in data collection and analysis in Jamaica, across the region and the rest of the world, to dedicate themselves to honestly and thoroughly gather accurate information, so that policy planning ,investment decisions, consumer choices and public opinions will be shaped by reliable information.
To mark the occasion STATIN will mount a special webpage on their website, www.statinja.gov.jm, with messages from political representatives, as well as features showcasing the varied uses and value of statistics.
The goal of World Statistics Day is to promote statistics and the work of statisticians, among those who are responsible to provide data, those who make use of the data and to make politicians aware of the meaning and contribution of official statistics based on the core value of service, integrity and professionalism.
STATIN is also reminding Jamaicans that their participation will be needed for the 2011 Population and Housing Census to be a success. The Census which is themed “Every one Counts – You, Me, All a Wi!” will begin on April 4, 2011 and last for approximately four months.
The planning process and a public education campaign to correct misperceptions and sensitize the public are currently underway.

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