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President of the World Federation of Consuls, Arnold Foote, says the organisation has cemented its presence in every region and is becoming a strong source of influence worldwide.

Speaking at an awards dinner hosted by the Consular Corps of Jamaica for visiting Directors of the World Federation of Consuls, at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston on January 25, Mr. Foote said he is honoured to work and serve the Board of Directors of FICAC [International Federation of Consular Associations].

He said much has been accomplished over the days of the meeting of Directors. “We had a very interesting time and I am very pleased that we accomplished much,” Mr. Foote added.

During the dinner, members of the Consular Corps of Jamaica who have done outstanding work were honoured with the Federation’s medal of honour.

“Our 30th anniversary has allowed us to move from one state to the other and give awards to the consuls of that state, who have performed admirably for their corps and their country,” he said.

Mr. Foote was re-elected unopposed as President of the World Federation of Consuls for a third consecutive term.

The newly elected Board of Directors of the World Federation of Consuls, a global network of Consular Associations created to support and improve the status, legitimacy and effectiveness of all consular officers in all receiving States, visited Jamaica from January 23 to 26.

Some of the visiting consuls who attended the dinner included the Hon. Costas Lefkaritis, Vice-President of the Consular Corps of Cyprus; Hon. Aykut Eken, Consul General of Jamaica to Turkey; Hon. Nikolaos Margaropoulos, Consul General of the Philippines to Greece; Hon. Dr. Mirza Baig,Consul of The Republic of Yemen to Pakistan; Hon. Elaine Davis of Trinidad; Hon. Otunba Lawal of Nigeria; and Hon. Mohammad Shajaham of Bangladesh.

The Federation was established in Copenhagen in October 1982.