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The World Bank will be pouring $120 million into Phase Two of the Reform of Secondary Education (ROSE) Project in the 2009/2010 fiscal year.
The funds will be used to continue improvements to the quality and equity of secondary education, through school-based initiatives and reform support. The project is also aimed at expanding access to secondary education, and strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Education and the regional offices to manage reform.
Construction of new schools, public financing of private secondary education, timetabling selected schools to extend the day, are some of the initiatives the Ministry intends to take to improve access to secondary education.
This year, the Government has set as primary physical targets, the completion of extension works at Paul Bogle High and procurement of furniture for the school. It also plans to complete implementation of the Diagnostic Tools and Strategies in Literacy and Numeracy and to complete the evaluation of 3 project activities; School Improvement Plans; Diagnostic Tools and Strategies; and Bursaries.
The World Bank finances the ROSE project (Phase 2), which is continuing improvements to secondary education and expanding access to upper secondary education in a cost effective manner.

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