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Several communities across the island are benefiting from necessary works to rehabilitate roads and bridges, and alleviate the effects of possible flooding, under the Ministry of Housing, Transport Water and Works’ Flood Control and Disaster Mitigation Programme.
Some $3.5 billion has been allocated to the project for road and bridge repairs, de-silting of rivers, drain cleaning and works to critical retaining walls.
Manager of Communication and Customer Services at the National Works Agency (NWA), Stephen Shaw, told JIS News that of the amount allocated, $977 million went towards the completion of works, which began during 2005/2006.
These include repairing and reopening of roads, de-silting works and bridge repairs, which included the Alley Bridge in Clarendon and the Worthy Park Bridge in St. Catherine.
Regarding works to be carried out in 2006/2007, for which the remainder of the funds will be used, Mr. Shaw reported that the NWA has “identified roads island-wide for repairs, and have prepared estimates and tender documents. Work should commence on some of these roadways within eight weeks.”
On the matter of flood control, he said that, “we have started works in the Sandy Gully, which will be done through five contracts”.
Meanwhile, river training is being done at Nine Miles and Westphalia in St. Andrew; Yallahs Fording in St. Thomas; Pencar River in St. Mary; Trout Hall to Grantham in Clarendon; Worthy Park in St. Catherine and Little Annotto River (Janga Gully) in Portland.

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