JIS News

Jamaica and Honduras held discussions in Kingston from 26th to 28th January 2011 on consular issues of interest to both sides. The discussions were cordial and constructive.

The Honduran delegation comprised Ambassador Jorge Alberto Milla Reyes, Minister for Migratory Affairs and Human Rights in the Embassy of Honduras in Washington D.C. and Mr. David Alfonso Hernandez Caballero, Consul General of Honduras in Houston, Texas.

The Jamaican side was led by Ambassador Paul Robotham, Under Secretary for Bilateral and Regional Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, and comprised other representatives of the Ministry, as well as officials from the Attorney General’s Department, the Jamaica Defence Force, and the Ministry of National Security.

The Honduran delegation thanked Jamaica for the reception extended to them and for the spirit of cooperation in which the discussions were held.

Jamaica provided consular information to the Honduran side on the “Sensation” and “Kasandra”, two Honduran vessels in Jamaican custody, and provided an update on the 30 crew members who had been detained at facilities in Kingston.

Jamaica also provided consular information to the Honduran side on the two Honduran fishermen who had been injured aboard the “Miss Annett”, as well as on the three crew members from that vessel that had been taken into Jamaican custody. The Honduran side thanked Jamaica for the medical attention provided to the injured fishermen.

The Honduran delegation visited their nationals at the Horizon Remand Centre and at the National Chest Hospital, and viewed the two vessels detained at the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard Facility at Port Royal.

Both sides agreed that the cases involving the three vessels “Miss Annett”, “Kasandra”, and “Sensation” are far advanced and are expected to be resolved shortly.

Both sides agreed on the need to continue discussions on these and other consular issues affecting the interests of Jamaica and Honduras.