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Work has resumed on the rehabilitation of the Beecher Town to Milford main road in St. Ann, after a series of stoppages due to Hurricane Ivan and heavy rains since the start of the year.
On a tour of the road on January 12, Minister of State for Transport and Works, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, said that the passage of Hurricane Ivan last year had caused some setbacks in the project but expressed satisfaction with the work done so far.
“I am satisfied with the work that is going on. I am satisfied that this is a link road and in relation to the Fern Gully route, should problems arise, this is a route that can be used and when it is completed it will make a difference in terms of the road network in these parts,” he stated.
Meanwhile, Omar McBean from contracting firm, Quality Engineering and Construction Company, told JIS News that approximately 50 per cent of the work had already been completed and that “we will be working hard to achieve 100 per cent completion despite the unfavourable weather conditions”.
“We have been putting in some massive u-drains that have been structured to channel the water coming from the Beecher Town road to flow into the Milford River so that there can be a proper run off,” he informed.
He said that more than 90 per cent of the excavation work for the drains had been completed and that the structures would be reinforced through steel work. In addition, guard rails will be placed along the concrete box drains in order to lower the risk of motor vehicle accidents in the area.
“This road has been worked on for more than five times but we guarantee that this time it will stand for a much longer time than in former years. The quality of work that is being put into this project is the assurance that this road will be able to stand firm,” Mr. McBean assured.
The citizens in the area are also impressed with the work that is being done on the Beecher Town main road. “I have never seen anything like this before. I like what is going on and as a taxi operator I am grateful,” said taxi operator Matthew Cooper.
Dr. Ferguson appealed to the citizens in the area to cooperate with the workers for the successful completion of the project.

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