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Work on the first phase of the National Works Agency’s (NWA) Disaster Mitigation Programme is in its final stage, with all projects across the island expected to be completed within the next few weeks.
The first phase of the Programme, which was started earlier this year, involved flood mitigation works on drains and gullies along the main road network, valued at $25 million.
“To date we have spent approximately $18.6 million cleaning drains across the island,” said Petra-kene Williams, NWA Acting Communications and Customer Services Manager in an interview with JIS News.
The NWA identified 47 drains across all parishes, which were to be bushed, cleared of blockages, widened and realigned under this phase of the programme. There were 35 large drains and 12 smaller drains to be worked on.
In St. Catherine, drains in Lluidas Vale, Ewarton and Linstead were cleaned, while in St. Thomas, work was completed on five of six drains.
“We did drains at Passion Gully, Wheelerfield, Duhaney Pen, Duckenfield, and Old Pera,” said Miss Williams.
In Trelawny, work is currently underway on two drains, while in Clarendon, work has been completed on four out of five drains.
“These drains are located in Aenon Town, Bog Hole, Lionel Town, north west Clarendon, and Four Paths,” she noted.
In Westmoreland, work has also been completed on four out of five drains. Areas covered include Llandilo, Culloden, Mango Hall and sections of eastern and central Westmoreland.
“Over in Portland, we have done work on two out of four drains. The drains that are completed are in St. Margaret’s Bay and Balcaris, and we are currently working on drains in Dragon Bay, Bryan’s Bay and Long Road,” Miss Williams told JIS News.
In St. Mary, work has been completed on three out of four drains located in Annotto Bay, Port Maria, and Oracabessa. The drain in Gayle is currently being worked on. In St. Ann, only one drain is still to be cleaned.
“We have completed work on five other drains in that area, including Milford, Newlands Street, Alexandria, Moneague and Priory,” Miss Williams informed.
For Manchester, seven of nine drains and gullies have been cleaned under this phase of the programme. This completed work includes a soak-away on Ward Avenue, drains at Bryce, Dump, Christiana, Hermitage, Harriott Meadows and Shooter’s Hill. Drains along the Williamsfield via the Greenvale/Mandeville main road have also been cleaned.
“In Hanover, we focused on the Lucea town drains and the work there is completed. In St. James, all five projects are also completed. We did some cleaning of drains at Rose Hall, Ritz Carlton, and along the Pillars to Montego Bay road. We also did work at Flankers and at the Paisley drain, and we have completed work on the Bickersteth drain, along Montpelier to Cambridge, and the Kingsgate drain along Redding to Anchovy road,” she noted.
Although work in the first phase of the programme is not yet complete, contracts have been signed and work has begun on the second phase, valued at approximately $94 million.

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