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Minister of State in the Ministry of Water and Housing, Everald Warmington, has said that work is on-going on a number of water supply projects in St. Thomas.
“Work is continuing on the Spring Garden Water Supply project. An upgrading pipeline has been laid from Spring Garden to Finger Post, with an additional pump to be installed at the Springfield pumping station to serve this area. The project is to be implemented at an early date, pending the completion of the necessary investigation,” he said.
Making his contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on July 9, Mr. Warmington also noted that work is being undertaken on the Newland Housing Scheme and that possible distribution and service connections are being looked at to serve the scheme. “The necessary investigations are to be completed and the project is to be implemented shortly,” he said.
Regarding the Heartease water supply, the State Minister said that the Ministry is in the process of investigating an alternative source, as the Easington filter plant, which supplies the system with water, is seasonal. He noted that possible augmentation of this system could come from the East Albion system, adding that “we are awaiting the completion of investigations into the alternative source with a view to implementing the system at an early date.”
“We are looking at possible augmentation from the Trinityville system to alleviate the current situation at the Georgia water supply system,” he said, noting that the system has a projected cost of $4.26 million and would operate on a regulated basis, perhaps three days per week.
The State Minister informed that $10.69 million has been earmarked for the Woodburn/Llandewey water supply system.
“For this project, we need to upgrade the distribution mains to 100 mm diameter pipelines. As this system may have to be operated on a regulated basis, we also need to investigate the yield from the well at Albion Mount to confirm the availability of supply,” he said.
Mr. Warmington said that in terms of Penline Castle and Mt.Vernon Gap, investigations are on-going into the upgrading of distribution mains to 150 mm diameter pipelines for the distribution network to adequately serve the needs of the area.
“Work has been completed at a cost of $2,861,760 to improve the East Albion water supply. Some 2.6 km of pipeline has been laid from East Albion to Red Hills,” the State Minister noted, adding that the communities to be served by this system include Dumfries, Grossett, Finger Post to Spring Garden, Spring Piece and Arcadia.

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