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Work commenced Thursday August 23 on the Granville to Retirement road in St. James.

This follows a tour of the area on August 22 by State Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, Hon. Richard Azan, along with a team from the National Works Agency (NWA), led by the agency’s Chief Executive Officer,  E.G. Hunter. They also toured road projects in St. Ann and Trelawny.

The State Minister told JIS News that work has also started on the Green Pond to Montego Bay road, in St. James.

Appealing for co-operation in the communities where projects are taking place, he said that “contractors and everyone must work together to see how fast we can complete these projects.”

“The dust will be only for a few days,” the State Minister pointed out, while imploring all residents across the island to allow the NWA to prioritise the many road projects to be undertaken.

For his part, Mr. Hunter informed that work has resumed on the drainage system on the Fern Gully road, in St. Ann, and that “we have an assurance from the contractors that there will not be any stoppage of work for the foreseeable future.”

He added that his team along with Mr. Azan is seeking to have work on the Norwood road resume this week. He said they are confident that the projects in the areas visited will now proceed to completion.

“We saw that in evidence, and we have the assurance that the pace of the work will pick up. The road from Norwood to Inronshore, the contractors have indicated that they intend to start on Monday (August 27). But we are insisting that there be an earlier start date. We are at a place, now, where we can confidently say that, hereafter, work will proceed to completion,” Mr. Hunter said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Azan announced that work will start in a fortnight on the Cornwall Street road in Trelawny, and the retaining wall on the Long Hill road in

St. James. He also pointed out that rehabilitation work on Lethe road in St. James will begin in three weeks.

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