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  • ‘WATA’, ‘CRANWATA’ and ‘BIGGA’ will carry the standard mark
  • William Mahfoodsaid his company is proud to be the first in its category to carry the mark

The Wisynco Group Limited has been certified to use the Jamaica Standard Mark on its products, becoming the first local company in its category to earn the distinction.

The three products, which have been certified by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) under the ‘Jamaica-Made Mark Programme’, are ‘WATA’, ‘CRANWATA’ and ‘BIGGA’. The items will carry the standard mark for a one-year period from May 16, 2013 to May 15, 2014.

At a licence signing ceremony between the BSJ and the Wisynco Group Limited, held Thursday, July 18, at the Bureau’s Winchester Road offices, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton, commended Wisynco on the achievement.

“Achieving this important licence is evidence of Wisynco’s adherence to a recognised quality system and speaks volumes about the visionary leadership, the embracing of best practices and the constant steps to ensure that the company and its products remain relevant to the local and global marketplace,” Mr. Hylton said.

The Jamaica- Made Mark Programme seeks to verify that products conform to established national/international standards while utilising a minimum of 51 per cent Jamaican raw material, or 70 per cent input such as labour, additives and processing.

Mr. Hylton stated that the programme will benefit consumers, who will be able to make more informed choices when they readily recognise products that comply with technical regulations, conform to standards and are authentically Jamaican.

“It will also benefit traders by clearly demonstrating the compliance and quality of traded products,” he said, noting that manufacturers will also profit from the improved brand recognition and improved market advantage both locally and internationally, and the Customs Department will spend less time inspecting products to verify authenticity and compliance.”

Mr. Hylton also argued that the national economy will gain through the enhancement of the quality of Jamaican products, access to increased export markets and by extension, a boost in foreign exchange earnings.

For his part, Chairman of the Standards Council, BSJ, Professor Winston Davidson, stated that building a brand without a reputable quality system to support the product “is like building a house with a leaking roof.”

“The Wisynco Group has been establishing strong brands that resonate with Jamaicans at home and abroad. They are satisfied at not just being a part of normal practice but strive for what we refer to as best practice in protecting the integrity of their brand,” Professor Davidson said.

He lauded the effort of the Wisynco Group Limited for embracing the programme wholeheartedly, while adding that “you are a worthy example to be emulated by other local manufacturers and brands.”

Managing Director of Wisynco Group Limited, William Mahfood, said his company is proud to be the first in its category to carry the mark.

“I look at the Jamaica-Made Mark and I know it represents to many people that it is made in Jamaica, but also the qualification that the product is made to the highest standards,” Mr. Mahfood said.

The Jamaica-Made Mark seeks to: provide a mark that easily distinguishes authentic Jamaican products of quality; create a significant competitive advantage for authentic Jamaican products, locally and overseas; provide an avenue for the re-establishment of consumer confidence in the authenticity and quality of Jamaican products; and provide an avenue for maximizing the economic benefits to local (compliant) manufacturers, and ultimately the country.

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