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The West Indian Social Club (WISC) of Hartford, Connecticut will host a black tie gala at 8:00 p.m. on April 3, at the group’s headquarters in Hartford, to celebrate its 54th anniversary.
The ball will be held under the patronage of the Mayor of Hartford, the Hon. Eddie Perez.
Jamaican born President of the WISC, Andrew Lawrence spoke to JIS News about the group’s on-going commitment to maintaining and promoting West Indian culture in Connecticut.
“In keeping with the purpose and vision of our forefathers who created this wonderful organization 54 years ago, we are committed to carrying on the work of the WISC, which is to embrace all who enter our doors and to enrich them with our culture, warmth, pride and heritage,” Mr. Lawrence said.
Since its inception in 1950, the WISC has also involved itself in providing opportunities in higher education for students of West Indian heritage in the Greater Connecticut area. Currently, the organization grants six scholarships to students on an annual basis.
The next major event in which the WISC will take part is the weeklong celebration of West Indian Independence, which will begin on July 31 and culminate in the 42nd annual parade on August 7.

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