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The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) as announced plans to upgrade the Winifred public beach in Fairy Hill Portland, to enhance its appeal to locals and visitors.
Dr. Andre Minott, Chief Planner for the UDC, who was speaking at a stakeholders meeting at the Fern Hill Hotel in San San on November 25, informed that the proposed development would be eco-friendly and would enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings.
The scope of work will involve the upgrading of the beach and the provision of parking and picnic areas, bathrooms, conservation areas and an administrative office. He said appropriate landscaping work would also be carried out to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the facility.
Dr. Minott said the project was scheduled to commence in January, with the beach-upgrading component estimated to cost approximately $38 million.He noted that once completed, the beach had the potential to become the best facility of its kind in the country, with adequate safety and security features.
Among the organizations present at the meeting were the Portland Parish Development Committee (PDC), the Portland Environment Protection Association (PEPA), the police, the Social Development Commission, the Fairy Hill Citizens Association and the Fairy Hill Neighbourhood Watch.
The beach, which is owned by the UDC, is extensively used by the public but lacks the basic services and amenities.