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Residents of Clapham in St. Ann, which is affected by rising waters, are receiving some welcome assistance from the West Indies Alumina Company (WINDALCO).
Glendon Johnson, Manager for employee and community relations at WINDALCO, informed JIS News that the company has built a five-kilometre access road to Faith’s Pen at a cost of $500,000.
With the cemetery in Clapham affected by the rising waters, the access route will allow residents to travel to Faith’s Pen to inter their loved ones in a cemetery in that community, while the company has offered the use of its sports club for funeral services.
Additionally, WINDALCO has granted assistance to the parish council in rehabilitating a road in Hadden, which will come into operation in the event the Clapham community is cut off.
Explaining the reasons surrounding the company’s decision to assist, Mr. Johnson said, “we see ourselves as the company that is involved in the social and economic well-being of our operating areas and because we operate in that area, we try to forge a number of partnerships with the community.”
He added that while the company was involved in a number of other programmes, the issue of flooding warranted immediate attention. “We thought that this particular issue of flooding is one that affects so many people’s lives that we had to do what we could do to make things less burdensome for citizens of Clapham and surrounding districts,” he stated.
Mr. Johnson pointed out that WINDALCO would continue to grant assistance in any way it possibly can.
“Whatever other roadways we can help to create or to fix we will be doing that. We always assess the different situations and we continue to work with all the relevant agencies to see how best we can help with this very burdensome situation,” he said.
Even as the company continues to assist the residents, Mr. Johnson noted that bauxite operations were being affected by the rising waters. “We have to revert to a different area of mining because part of the land that we were suppose to mine in is under floodwaters,” he informed.

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