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Children from some 194 households in Manchester recently benefited from a special back-to-school initiative valued at $1.2 million, funded by West Indies Alumina Company (WINDALCo), Kirkvine Works.
Speaking to JIS News, WINDALCo Public Relations Officer, Kayon Wallace-Headley, noted that this assistance was not just a “one shot affair.”
“The Employee and Community Relations Department, as part of its mandate to foster excellent relations with our host communities, saw it fit to assist the less fortunate in these communities to send their children back to school for the ensuing school year. This is not the first year that we are having this exercise,” she said.
Mrs. Wallace-Headley stated that in 2006, approximately 60 similar households had benefited from a similar programme which at the time had cost a little over $500,000.
“We are pleased to know that some of these students are repeat beneficiaries as without our assistance they would be hard pressed to continue formal education. Of course our range is from primary right up through to the secondary level,” she said.
The Public Relations Officer further explained that in the 5 years since it was established, WINDALCo has invested over $5 million in the programme, which has assisted over 1,700 students in the immediate mining area.
“Our help to education goes far beyond this annual back-to-school programme. We are currently refurbishing the Lloyd French Basic School in Kendal at a little over $1 million.all of this is because we recognize the importance of education and we are committed to continue to positively impact the lives of those who make up our host communities,” she said.

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