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The time given to a Joint Select Committee of Parliament to review the Protected Disclosure Bill, often referred to as the Whistleblower Bill, has been extended to November 19.
Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Senator Hon. Dorothy Lightbourne, made the announcement Friday (October 29), as the Senate resumed sitting after a lengthy break. The committee was originally scheduled to complete its deliberations on the Act by September 30. It has been sitting since June 24 and has held 10 meetings to date.
Senator Lightbourne, the Leader of Government Business and chair of the committee, said that it was being assisted by a technical team comprising representatives of various Ministries and the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel. She said that lengthy presentations have delayed the process.
“These extensive presentations have delayed the completion of the work of the committee, because we have done a matrix, we have taken on board all the suggestions. The committee is now looking at going through all the suggestions from the meetings, looking at the Bill and taking decisions as to moving the Bill forward,” she said.
The proposed law seeks to protect employees who disclose important information from being subjected to harassment and job dismissals. It is intended to facilitate and encourage disclosures of improper conduct in the public interest, and is said to be a critical component of the Government’s plan to tackle organised crime and corruption.
The Joint Select Committee is comprised of Senators Lightbourne, Dwight Nelson, Arthur Williams, Warren Newby, Camina Johnson Smith, K.D. Knight, Navel Clarke and A.J. Nicholson. There are seven members from the House of Representatives: Hon. Daryl Vaz, Hon. Michael Stern, Gregory Mair, Clive Mullings, Phillip Paulwell, Peter Bunting and Dr. Morais Guy.

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