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The parish of Westmoreland should be experiencing major improvements in its road network soon, as it has been chosen as one of five pilot parishes to benefit under a new government road maintenance programme. The other pilot parishes are Portland, St. Thomas, Manchester and St. Catherine.
Under the programme, called the National Road Services Improvement Programme (NARSIP), approximately $1 billion will be spent to undertake routine maintenance on selected roads in these parishes.
Minister of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Robert Pickersgill, who made the announcement at a contract signing ceremony in St. James on Saturday (Nov.11), informed that work would begin in Westmoreland this week at a cost of approximately $113 million. “So things should be buzzing in Westmoreland,” he stated.
He explained that contracts issued under the programme, would be for a three-year period, and the activities to be carried out include drain cleaning, bushing, repair and replacement of traffic signs; and removal of dead animals, silt and debris from the roadways.
In addition, the Minister informed, all sections of roadways must be kept pothole-free and sanctions would be imposed against contractors, if the necessary works were not carried out within a specific time period.
D.R. Foote Construction Company Limited is the selected contractor for the Westmoreland pilot project.
Meanwhile, the contacts signed yesterday, were for phase two of the Montpelier to Cambridge main road in St. James; and the Tollgate to Bushmouth and the Orange Hill roads in Westmoreland.