Westmoreland Senior Citizens to be Honoured

About 60 senior citizens, 65 years and over, will be recognised for outstanding contributions to the development of their communities, at a Valentine’s Dinner on February 15 at the Bluefields People’s Community Association (BPCA) complex, Westmoreland.
The event is being staged by the BPCA in collaboration with the Bluefields Bay Fishermen Friendly Society (BBFF) and Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa.
The senior citizens will receive “royal treatment,” as they will be picked up at their homes by uniformed drivers in luxury taxis, and taken to the venue. They will be presented with awards and citations for their work and worth.
Chairman of the BPCA and organiser of the event, Keith Wedderburn, told JIS News that despite the economic downturn, these men and women ought to be recognised and rewarded for their contributions to nation building.
“Bluefields’ seniors might not readily feel the threat of job losses, as a result of the rampant downsizing of local companies. However, the marked reduction in their spending power is similar to and, in some instances, greater than many Jamaicans,” Mr. Wedderburn said.
“This brings into focus the need for recognising the seniors for their commitment to community development. Many of them are even now still very active in areas such as, farming, fishing, counselling, politics, church life, education and business,” he said.
He pointed out that additional support for the dinner is expected to come from the Culloden Vocational Training Centre and the Westmoreland Association of Clubs.
The senior citizens, drawn from some nine communities across eastern Westmoreland, are expected to benefit from projects coming out of this special appreciation dinner event. There will be an inventory list of all seniors from the areas, to facilitate quick and effective responses during and after eventualities such as hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters.
The inventory will also be used to ensure timely health care check-ups, monthly or quarterly shopping/banking expeditions and timely visits to shut-in members for distribution of gift packages”, Mr. Wedderburn said.

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