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The Westmoreland Parish Council will be making $220,000 available for the implementation of 11 projects throughout the parish, which were proposed by students, who took over last week’s (Nov.15) sitting of the parish council.
The students, who served as junior councillors, made well-researched and spirited presentations on a project to improve their division and detailed how the money will be spent.
While the students will implement the project, the parish council will oversee the work and make the necessary resources available.
Deputy Mayor of Westmoreland, Bertel Moore, commended the junior councillors, noting that the projects showed a lot of planning and research.
“What was interesting to me was to see the junior councillors putting projects together and were able to show how every dollar was spent. This is what we must do in modern days. We must know what to be spent, where it is coming from and how that money is to be spent because we don’t want to have cost overruns in our projects,” the Deputy Mayor told JIS News.
Racquel Muir from Mannings High School won the Ralph Anglin Trophy for her paper highlighting the deplorable condition of the Guy Ottey Park, which was established in memory of the first Mayor of Savanna-La-Mar.
She said that her project is to “re-establish and maintain the aesthetics of that park and to allow citizens to be more aware of the town’s history and to appreciate it more”.
At the sitting, which was part of activities to mark Local Government Month, the young people also got the opportunity to voice their thoughts on local government issues and made suggestions on areas for improvement.
Among the areas highlighted were: poor road conditions, improper collection and disposal of solid waste, poor drain maintenance, lack of civic pride, indiscipline on the roads, traffic congestion, and inadequate streetlights and piped water.

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