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The Westmoreland Labour Day Committee is expected to mobilize thousands of citizens and children from across the parish to participate in this year’s Labour Day activities, which are geared towards making all roads within Westmoreland safer for the general public.
Activities in the parish will be carried out under the national theme ‘Road safety first – Avoid the worst’ and will focus on a comprehensive education programme aimed at sensitizing the public on issues relating to the safety of children and more vulnerable citizens on the roadways.
The committee, taking special note of the many road accidents that continue to claim the lives of citizens, including children, suggested that much more pedestrian crossings were needed in the parish and if possible, one at every educational institution.
The education programme, which will be the parish project this year, is expected to get underway with a church service in Central Westmoreland a week before Labour Day.
Other activities will include a poster competition on road safety for selected schools and a specially designed float parade depicting a crashed motor vehicle. The float will be carried to central locations in the parish to solidify the Labour Day theme. The programme of activities will culminate on Labour Day, May 24, with a massive ‘safety fair’ in which various groups and organizations including the Fire Department, National Works Agency, the police and schools, will participate in road safety displays and simulation exercises.
The committee agreed that winning pieces in the poster competition would be displayed at the safety fair and students or schools awarded accordingly.
A special effort will be made by the Westmoreland Labour Day Committee to garner the support and participation of the Petersfield Taxi Association, with all taxis displaying road safety stickers on acceptable driving habits before and on Labour Day. The Westmoreland Parish Council has pledged to source funding for the parish sensitization programme and also to make small financial packages available to all councillors for their divisional projects.
The total Labour Day package for Westmoreland will include the painting of pedestrian crossings, erection of road safety signs and the repairing of potholes where possible.

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