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With the Jamaica 4-H Movement joining in the show of generosity to the people of Haiti, its western Jamaica wing is supporting the national effort with a regional collection drive launched on Monday (January 25).
With over 11,000 clubbites in some 196 registered clubs in the western region, covering the parishes of St. Ann, Trelawny, St. James and Hanover, the regional effort was launched at the 4-H regional office, Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, St. James.
According to Regional Co-ordinator, Mrs. Barbara Lawrence, the aim is to plant a “chip” in the hearts and minds of the clubbites, to understand that they too need to take responsibility for helping those who are displaced.
She explained that the 4-H drive will be focussed on collecting items specifically on behalf of the children of Haiti. She added that the organisation has mandated all 14 parishes to use their offices as collection centres for items for children.

4H Western Region clubites depositing at the 4H Western Regional Office, in Montego Bay, goods collected at their schools to be donated to the children of Haiti, under the Jamaica 4H Haiti collection drive.

“Sometimes we forget that there are children involved, older children, younger children and babies, therefore the Jamaica 4-H Clubs wants to take part in being mindful that the children are also displaced,” she stated.
4-H Clubbites from several schools in the western region journeyed to the Montego Bay regional office on Monday to deposit items they have collected at their respective schools.
Mrs. Lawrence pointed out that information garnered is that the collection drive is being well supported in the schools across the region. She added that the goods deposited in the Montego Bay regional office was just a fraction of what was already collected at the schools.
She also encouraged the parents of clubbites to support the cause, as it could serve as an excellent lesson of caring for children.

Jamaica 4H Clubs Western Regional Coordinator, Mrs. Barbara Lawrence, sorts out packages delivered at her office by clubites from within the western region, to be donated to the children of Haiti.

She made special mention of the Maryland All-Age School in Hanover, which took in packages, plus cash amounting to $5,500 for the cause.

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