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MONTEGO BAY — The West Heaven Children's Home, in Copse, is the Hanover Parish/National Labour Day project for 2011.

The facility, which houses approximately 100 mentally and physically challenged boys and girls ranging from six to 31 years of age, has been chosen as the Hanover Parish/National project for the second year in succession, as the work that was started last year was not completed.

According to Councillor for the Chester Castle Division in the Hanover Parish Council, Wynter McIntosh, open drains on the compound of the facility, which were identified as safety hazards, are to be covered on Labour Day (May 23).

This project was also supported by Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Lloyd Hill, and other Councillors of the Hanover Parish Council, and members of the Parish Labour Day Planning Committee, when they met on May 10.

Labour Day 2011 will be observed under the theme: 'It takes a Village to Raise a Child'.

Mayor Hill said selection of the West Heaven Children’s Home is most fitting and in keeping with the national theme.

“We will be going back to the West Heaven Children’s Home this year to ensure that we complete the task of covering those drains, and whatever else is necessary there, to ensure that the children are safe, in terms of moving around,” Mayor Hill told JIS News.

He appealed to the business community and the general public throughout the parish to support the project.

“Too often we are too re-active rather than being pro-active, and we cannot wait until there is an accident, then everyone wants to give some assistance.  This is why we would really want to prevent any incident there by going forward and completing these areas of concern that pose some threat to the safety of the residents at the home,” the Mayor said.




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