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Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Senator the Hon. Don Wehby, has confirmed that two offers have been received for the privatisation of the national airline, Air Jamaica.
Speaking at the inaugural Scotia DBG Investments’ Corporate Investment Seminar, at the Hilton Kingston Hotel on Tuesday (May 12), Senator Wehby said the offers are currently being reviewed and evaluated, before being taken to Cabinet.
Air Jamaica is one of several state-owned non-core entities, racking up significant debts, which the administration is attempting to divest. He maintained that the administration remains committed to privatising the airline.
“It cannot continue to be a drain on taxpayers. We must find a win-win situation, because the airline has a lot of potential, and what it needs is capital. That is our mandate. Let us find the capital and recapitalise Air Jamaica with a partner, and I think we are getting there,” Senator Wehby said.

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