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Minister of Local Government and Environment, Dean Peart has pointed out that the automatic weather stations at Morant Point in St. Thomas and at Pedro Banks have been re-equipped to provide weather data via satellite.
“We will also install a number of early warning systems to provide information for drought and flood analysis in real time, putting the Meteorological Service at the forefront of technology,” the Minister added.
Highlighting the vital role of the Meteorological Service during his contribution to the Sectoral Debate in the House last week, Mr. Peart spoke of the government’s investment in a Doppler Weather Radar.
“It provides valuable information to the local and international communities, including the Regional Hurricane Centre in Miami, Florida. Its performance will be further boosted with the updating of the radar’s computer software and additional training for radar observers,” he said.
The Minister explained that part of the improvement at the agency included the establishment of standards for reporting, monitoring and the provision of public information as well as providing for effective and efficient delivery of warnings and advisories to the general public.
“This calls for new legislation to better promote and co-ordinate all activities in the field of meteorology and allied sciences in Jamaica and provide efficient and accurate severe warning systems, meteorological information and advice to the general public,” he noted.