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Member of Parliament (MP) for South West St. Catherine, and Minister of State in the Ministry of Water and Housing, Everald Warmington has noted that the Goldmine water supply system is now being upgraded and replacement lines are being laid between Blue Hole and Marlie Hill in that constituency.
Explaining, he said, “Phase one of the Colbeck Heights/Red Ground/ Bartons water supply is now well underway. Red Ground should have water by August while Bartons should be covered by December. The Colbeck/Planters, Hall/Bois Content water supply is well advanced,” Mr. Warmington said.
He added “when all these water supplies are completed along with the Kitson Town/Wakefield supply, the entire water supply network will be connected and will supplement each other.”
“The Colbeck/Planters Hall/Bois Content supply will be connected to the Goldmine supply at Gravel Hill. The Colbeck Heights/Red Ground/Bartons supply will connect to the Goldmine supply at Wood Hall, pumping into Marlie Hill. The Goldmine supply will then be extended through Brown’s Hall where it will be connected to the Kitson Town supply at Macca Tree,” Mr. Warmington said.
The MP was making his contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday (July 8).
On another matter, Mr. Warmington said in the townships of Old Harbour and Old Harbour Bay, the line of demarcation is being blurred as both are rapidly expanding into each other.
He also noted that there is a “preponderance of sewage treatment plants in the combined areas such as Old Harbour Glades (Succaba); Old Harbour Villas; the Avery; New Harbour, and Blackwood Gardens.”
The MP also stated that the time is right to look at a project that will combine all the sewage flows from the various schemes, at a single treatment plant, and to develop an effluent re-use regime so as to avoid discharging effluent into the sea.
“This could include ground water recharge and irrigation on sugar cane land,” Mr. Warmington said.He also noted that it was hoped to gradually provide central sewage for the core section of Old Harbour, which will be extended into the non-scheme development on the outskirts.
“At the moment we are looking at converting the many micro dams, shrimp and fish ponds at Brampton Farm into a central sewage system for Old Harbour and its environs. We will combine all the existing plants into the Brampton Farm system,” Mr. Warmington informed.

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