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State Minister in the Ministry of Water and Housing, Everald Warmington, has informed that major water supply projects are to be undertaken in the parish of St. Elizabeth.
He also noted that these projects would be undertaken mainly in the north western section of the parish.
“The New Market/Whitehall water supply is to be developed at a cost of $150 million. Tenders were invited and returned on June 19 this year, for the testing and development of the well at Whitehall. Confirmation of the amount of water available from this well source is expected before September this year and tenders for the pipe laying contract will be invited thereafter. This system will serve 2,707 persons in the communities of Whitehall, Happy Grove and Newmarket,” he said, during his contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on July 8.
The State Minister reported that following an invitation for tenders this month, it is anticipated that the contract award for the Maggotty/Carisbrook/Whitehall water supply would be carried out by September this year.
He pointed out that this was another major project for North West St. Elizabeth, which is expected to cost some $125 million and would serve a population of 3,850 in the targeted communities.
In addition, Mr. Warmington said that the contract sum for the Brucefield to Barry Hall project is $8.135 million. “Pipes have been laid and re-instatement work has started, but is not yet completed. This project will serve the areas of Williamsfield and Hopewell,” he noted.
The State Minister also cited the Essex Valley water supply system, a joint venture with Alumina Partners of Jamaica/Jamaica Bauxite Institute.
He explained that the project involves the laying of 11 kilometres of pipeline, the construction of two tanks and the provision of pumping equipment to take water from the Long Hill well to Nain. He further informed that tender evaluations have been completed for the project.
Meanwhile, Mr. Warmington said that tenders for the Dublin Castle water supply in East Rural St. Andrew are to be issued later this month, and work is anticipated to commence in October this year. He noted that the project is estimated to cost $9 million and would benefit some 342 persons in that community.
“In Southern Trelawny, we will be sending out the Albert Town water supply to tender this month. Work on this project, which is estimated to cost $140 million, will involve taking water from the Quashi River, as well as the construction of a treatment plant and pumping station,” he said, adding that the system would serve a population of 6,654 in the areas of Albert Town, Stettin, Ulster Spring and Freemans Hall.

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