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In response to the chronic water shortage in the Corporate Area, Director of Disease Prevention and Control, Dr. Sonia Copeland, is reminding householders and operators of educational institutions to store and treat drinking water properly in order to prevent diseases.
“During periods of water lock offs, individuals and institutions are heavily dependent on stored water, water safety thus becomes extremely critical for preventing diseases such as gastroenteritis, cholera and Typhoid fever,” Dr. Copeland said.
She said, as a first line of caution, all storage containers and covers must be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water before use.
“These receptacles must be kept covered at all times to prevent mosquito breeding,” Dr. Copeland cautioned.
Continuing Dr. Copeland said drinking water must be purified by boiling or treating with small amounts of household bleach. To treat water with bleach add 2 drops of bleach to a quart (1 litre) of water;

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