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The flood situation in the eastern Hanover districts of Pierces Village and Forrest, caused by Tropical Storm Nicole, has improved, with the water levels decreasing, while the water level in the district of Chigwell continues to rise.
Many acres of the three eastern Hanover districts have been under water since the passing of the Tropical Storm earlier this month, which caused damage to several homes and farms, and displacing several persons.
In an interview with JIS News, Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinator in the parish of Hanover, Olga Fae-Headley said there is now clear evidence that the flood waters in Forrest and Pierces Village are receding, to the extent that vehicular traffic can once again traverse the roads in those two districts.
“There is still no through road from Chigwell into Old Pen, persons will still have to use the long route either going through Mount Peto or going through Success, Axe ‘n’Adge to Cold Spring down into Sandy Bay,” she pointed out.
Despite the receding water, she pointed out that in the district of Forrest, three houses are still surrounded by water, while the small farm plots are still completely covered by water. She said that the boats and bamboo rafts that were used as transportation in Forrest and Pierces Village are being put aside.
She pointed out that the shelter which was opened in Chigwell is still in operation. “The persons are still in the shelter at Chigwell, because their houses are still under water, and you have several houses that are completely covered in Chigwell,” Mrs. Fae-Headley said.
The Co-ordinator said that some of the persons who had to abandon their homes in the districts of Forrest and Pierces Village have begun to return home, adding that approximately 25 families are still displaced in Chigwell.
She said that a public education programme is being carried out by the Hanover Parish Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Jamaica Information Service, in relation to proper health and sanitation practices that are suitable under the adverse conditions that now exist in the three districts. She added that arrangements are now being made to have counselling sessions for the persons who were affected by the flood.

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