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Minister of Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang and technocrats in the Ministry, on Thursday (Jan. 22) met with a delegation from Tanzania, including Minister of Energy and Minerals, William Ngeleja, to share expertise and relate best quality practices in water sourcing and management.
“I view this visit as one for sharing experiences,” Minister Chang told the Tanzanians, at the meeting held at his New Kingston office.
“I hope this will be the beginning of a greater level of cooperation. I am sure you have skills we can work with in different areas of our country and that the people who are here will be more than happy to share information with you,” he added.
Mr. Ngeleja thanked Minister Chang and his team, which included President of the National Water Commission, E. G. Hunter; Managing Director of the Water Resources Authority, Basil Fernandez; Chief Technical Director of the Ministry, Heather Pinnock; and Permanent Secretary, Genefa Hibbert.
According to the Tanzanian Minister of Energy and Minerals, “we chose Jamaica by design and our expectations have been exceeded. We are thankful for the excellent presentations we have received and the quality of material presented.”
He informed that his country, which at 945,000 square kilometers is almost 90 times as large as Jamaica, has a sparse population of just over 40 million. He said that 80 per cent of residents in the urban areas and 60 per cent of those in the rural areas, have access to potable water and with the lessons learnt in Jamaica, the hope is bring the figures up to 90 per cent and 70 per cent, respectively.
The Tanzanian delegation included officials from of the country’s Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), which is responsible for the development, management and regulatory oversight of the energy (electricity, natural gas, and petroleum) and water sectors.

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