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Minister of Water and Housing, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, is condemning the theft of items of National Water Commission (NWC) property, which he says are being sold to the scrap metal trade.
He argued that in light of the magnitude of these occurrences and the effect on communities, the Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda, should discontinue the scrap metal trade.
Dr. Chang was speaking at a meeting to discuss the North Central Clarendon water supply system, held on October 30, at the offices of the NWC, in May Pen, Clarendon. Also at the meeting was Member of Parliament for North Central Clarendon, Hon. Pearnel Charles, who also condemned the removal of implements used by the NWC to supply water.
Dr. Chang pointed out that items such as water pumps, ladders that lead into the reservoirs, pipes, copper wires from the water monitoring systems and the telemetry items in the reservoirs are removed for sale to the scrap metal trade.
The Minister said that he has instructed the NWC not to replace any pump, once it is stolen, until persons come forward with information about the missing item.
In his comments, Mr. Charles called for strong action to be taken against persons who remove implements belonging to the NWC that are used to supply water to communities.
“We have to declare war on people in communities who are cutting the pipes and placing them in their yard. We must put them in prison for a long time,” the Minister said.
He implored the Water and Housing Minister to ask communities to watch out for those unscrupulous persons who remove sections of the NWC water supply systems, and to report them to the police.
“At this stage, we must put communities on alert that they are going to lose their water if they allow people to come into their community and take out the NWC pipes and valves and pumping systems,” he said.

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