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The Jamaica 4-H Club Warminster Training Centre in St. Elizabeth will be augmenting its peanut production business by engaging in the manufacturing of value-added products such as peanut butter.
The clubbites grow peanuts on a 1.3 hectare-plot (four acres) and the produce is sold mainly to the informal sector.
According to Regional Coordinator for the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Ronald Blake, the new initiative would increase the centre’s economic viability, create employment opportunities, and facilitate further training of clubbites.
“There are big plans ahead for peanuts and we hope that we will be able to create a lot of employment in this area especially for young people,” he said, adding that, “we are far on our way in terms of doing our engineering feasibility study and sourcing the equipment for the project”.
The centre, which suffered extensive damage during the passage of hurricane Ivan last September, has benefited from a $245,000 grant from the Council for Voluntary Social Services (CVSS)/United Way of Jamaica.
Of the total, $60,000 went towards the resuscitation of the peanut farm, $34,000 was used to replant 0.6 hectares (1

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