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The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation will be carrying out renovation works at the Ward Theatre, downtown Kingston, on Labour Day, May 23, at a cost of $40 million.

Chairman of the Corporation, Mayor Delroy Williams, said part of the funds, provided by the Ward Theatre Foundation, will go towards the acquisition of an air-conditioning system.

The remainder will be used for the upgrading of bathrooms; renovation of changing rooms, including the installation of powder tables; electrical and plumbing works; refurbishing of seating and other works.

Mayor Williams said the project is part of the ongoing rehabilitation of the building. “It’s just that, on that day, we want to achieve more,” he added.

The Ward Theatre, which is a landmark showcasing the country’s culture, is one of two major Labour Day projects for Kingston and St. Andrew. The other is the refurbishing of the Central Police Station.

Mayor Williams said a number of other activities will be carried out on the day, in keeping with the theme ‘Restore…Preserve…Beautify’.

Among them is the beautification of St. William Grant Park. “We want to include the children. We want them to come out and plant flowers, do a little painting and help beautify the park,” he told JIS News.

Mayor Williams said there has been a great deal of public interest in the Labour Day activities for the municipality, and a number of persons have already registered to work on the day.

At the launch of Labour Day on May 9, Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Desmond McKenzie, announced that each Municipal Corporation will receive $250,000 to undertake activities.

“This year’s theme urges us to look again at some of the landmarks in our residential, business and professional spaces that we may pass every day without a second thought, or take for granted,” he said.

He called for persons to partner with the Government as “we give new life, civic and personal meaning to national and local monuments”.

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