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Thirty ward assistants and technicians at the May Pen Hospital have been honoured by that institution for their service to the health sector.
They were recognized at a ceremony held on the grounds of the hospital, yesterday (October 27).In her address at the function, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital, Nadia Howe commended the ward assistants for the quality of work they were doing at the institution.
“About 800 patients pass through this hospital on a monthly basis. We have about 30 or so ward assistants, that’s a ratio of about 21 patients to one ward assistant. I have never received a feedback that says that ward assistants are not doing their job and the patient wants to leave because the ward assistant is not taking care of them. It must mean that you’re doing something wonderful for the patients here,” Mrs. Howe told the workers.
Guest speaker, Leroy Harding, Manager of the May Pen branch of the National Commercial Bank encouraged the awardees to continue to build on their good work ethic.
“Good work ethic has to do with that set of desirable qualities that each of us as employees or potential employees should have; qualities that our employers/managers see in us that are attractive and will benefit us,” he said. Mr. Harding said some of these qualities included being co-operative, hardworking, cheerful, courteous, well groomed, honest, loyal, reliable, innovative, perceptive, efficient, persevering, orderly, dependable and punctual. The awardees were presented with certificates, trophies and gift baskets.
Andrea Williams was awarded the Matron Trophy for the most outstanding performance, which involved demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities, dedication and love for work and patients, while Andria Kerr and Lloyd Lawrence were recognised for providing outstanding support service as ancillary workers. Matron, Angela Thomas explained to JIS News that the awards ceremony sought to recognise the work of the ward assistants over the years and to highlight their commitment to patient care and customer service, consistency in punctuality and outstanding planning, among other attributes.

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