Volunteers in St. Mary Honoured

Fourteen residents of St. Mary, who have given freely of their time and talents in service to the parish, were recently honoured by the Voluntary Association of Jamaica.
At a ceremony held at the Port Maria Civic Centre, certificates of appreciation were presented to: Hyacinth Anglin, Adolph Murdoch, Cislon Campbell, Carlos Walker, and Trevor Stoddart for contribution to community development; Carlton Walters, Dencie Wait, Millicent Russell, and Inez Ricketts for preservation and promotion of culture; Estella Clarke, for her work in caring for the disabled; Joan Bender, for contribution to the advancement of women; Julia Brown for her efforts in caring for the elderly; Kathleen Chambers, disaster preparedness; and Patrick Heywood, for HIV/AIDS support.
Custos of St. Mary, A.A. Bobby Pottinger, presided over the ceremony, which saw commendations going to trained actuary Tyrone Brown, who has turned down several lucrative job offers in favour of a teaching position at the St. Mary Technical High School in Richmond.
Hotelier Jeff McKitty, who gave the main address at the function, praised the honourees for the exemplary service they have provided for the people of St. Mary, and exhorted others in the parish and the wider Jamaican community to follow their example.
He noted that the work of the volunteers is proof that the spirit of voluntarism is still alive in Jamaica, but must be strengthened for the country to realise its full potential.
According to Mr. McKitty, it is of utmost importance that the many Jamaicans with vast talents and abilities share their experiences with others in order to create a better nation.
He noted that volunteerism enabled people to give of themselves selflessly, and should be carried out with sincerity and devoid of any desire for publicity by those providing the service.
In encouraging the recipients to continue the exemplary work they have been doing in the parish, Mr. McKitty said that their efforts will go a far way in helping to provide the leadership needed to ensure that St. Mary remains viable in the 21st Century.

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