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Thirteen community volunteers were honoured at a special ceremony, held at the Hazard Primary School in May Pen, Clarendon, last week, as part of the institution’s National Heritage Week celebrations.
The community volunteers were recognised for dedicating their time to improve classroom conditions at the school, particularly its Special Education Unit.
The work of the country’s seven National Heroes were also highlighted at the ceremony.
Principal of the school, Althea Simmonds, said that the school sought to recognise these special heroes and nation builders as an integral part of its Heritage Week celebrations.
“The message we are sending to the children is that they too can be heroes in their communities and nationally as well, but it all begins with their work, conduct and performance in the classroom,” Mrs. Simmonds said.
The 13 community ‘heroes’, most of whom have given 50 hours of voluntary service per year to the school, are all employees of the bauxite and alumina company, Jamalco.
They have done repairs to the school’s kitchen and have cleaned and prepared classrooms for the new school year. At the Special Education Unit, the volunteers have also repaired broken windows and chalkboards and fixed the bathroom.
Custos of Clarendon, the Hon. James de Roux, who also attended the ceremony, thanked the Jamalco volunteers for their interest in the Special Education Unit at the school and for the attention they have given to the needs of the students and staff.
The community volunteers honoured were: Pamela White, Wayne Shaw, Emil Foster, Denvor Hendricks, Wayne Gilman, Herbert Campbell, Gorton Allen, Maurice ‘Robbie’ Robinson, Lloyd Knight, Albert Simmonds, Henry Daley, Vaughn Samuels and Grafton McLeod.

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