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Kimone Leon, a visual arts teacher and graduate of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, has been declared winner of the Census of Agriculture 2007 Logo Competition.
The competition, which was judged recently, forms part of the preparatory process for the Census of Agriculture to be conducted in February 2007 by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN).
Speaking with JIS News, Communication and Marketing Manager of STATIN, Pamela Blake, said that, “we decided to have a logo competition as part of the publicity plan to alert the population that we will have a Census of Agriculture starting in February of next year”.
According to Mrs. Blake, some 65 entries were submitted. “The entries were generally very colourful; however, we thought most of them did not bring across the message to the target audience,” she pointed out.
“We were looking for a logo that would do just that,” she said, adding that the judges were particularly interested in an entry to which farmers would be able to identify.
“We also wanted something that would be adaptable for print (and) the web and could be used either on a large or small scale. The winning entry encapsulates a lot of what is done in the farming sector,” she explained.
In describing the winning entry, Technical Assistant at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts and one of the judges, Cleve Bowen, noted that, “the flora represented by the banana was a good idea in combination with the cattle which was represented by a cow. These are basic staples of farming. animal and food produce. The background, which had a bar chart, suggests that a census was being conducted. Together, I found that these were able to effectively convey the idea of an agricultural census”.
For the winning logo, Miss Leon will receive a cash prize of $50,000. The logo will be used on all print collateral material relating to the Census of Agriculture.
Every 10 years, STATIN undertakes the census of agriculture to determine the number of farmers in Jamaica, the types of crops being grown, the acres of land utilised in farming and other agricultural data that will form the basis for the development of policies and programmes.
The Census of Agriculture 2007 is to be held under the theme: ‘Taking Stock of Agriculture’.
Mrs. Blake said it was important that all farmers participate in the census, as they would be providing important information on the contribution of the sector to the economy.
“The Census will allow us to update the information that we gathered on the agricultural sector in previous years. The data from the census will reveal changes in the size and structure of farms, all of which is important for planning,” she pointed out.The census will be conducted in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands between February and July 2007.

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