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The Tea Garden located on the grounds of the historic King’s House in the capital city has been refurbished, with new features put in to enhance its appeal to Their Excellencies and visitors to the property.
Honorary Consul of Ukraine, Kenny Benjamin, who is also Guardsman Group chairman, carried out the project with support from the Consular Corps.
The garden, located in front of the main dining room at King’s House, previously had a broken fountain, which doubled as a bird bath, and old clay tiles.
Mr. Benjamin explained that a new water feature, which is a Japanese Coy pond, was added, and the old clay tiles recycled to create a new design.
“We added a cut stone flower bed and planted both large and small plants. We trimmed the vines overhead and put in new lattice work to give it more privacy. Their Excellencies organised the lighting to give it a romantic ambience,” he informed.
Their Excellencies, Governor-General, the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen and Lady Allen, hosted a high tea late last month to officially open the renovated gardens.
The Governor-General said that the Tea Garden will enhance the ambiance of King’s House and will be the showpiece of the grounds for sometime as well as serve as a centre for relaxation.
He thanked Mr. Benjamin and the Consular Corps for undertaking the project, “especially at a time when funds for capital development are limited, given the economic crisis we have found ourselves in . as a result of the global meltdown.”
“The Consular Corps is leading the way for the private sector to assist in the restoration and beautification of this historic site,” the Governor-General stated.
Lady Allen admitted that the Tea Garden has become one of her favourite places on the King’s House grounds and that she enjoys spending time there. She also expressed gratitude to the Consular Corps of Jamaica for the renovation of the garden.
“Visitors to King’s House will undoubtedly bask in the beauty of the plants and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of this tea garden. I can just imagine children on tour having fun watching the exotic fish in the pond, listening to the soothing sound of the water feature and in general, developing a greater and deeper appreciation for nature,” she said.
She promised to take care of the facility. “We at King’s House understand that we are here to maintain the legacy of the Jamaican people, as such, we promise to be good stewards of the gifts we receive on their behalf,” she pledged.
During the ceremony, Mr. Benjamin and the Honorary Consul of Lithuania, Ms. Lois Lake-Sherwood, were presented with awards of excellence in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Consular Corps of Jamaica and for their work in the beautification of the King’s House grounds.
Also, on behalf of her country, Honorary Consul of Ecuador, Ms. Clelia Barreto De Hunter, presented gifts of a hat and doll indigenous to Ecuador, to the Governor-General and Lady Allen, respectively.

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