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The project to be undertaken as part of this year’s National Prayer Vigil, involves assisting with the purchasing a blood analysing machine for the Princess Margaret Hospital in St. Thomas, estimated to cost $1.5 million, Chairman of the National Prayer Vigil Committee, Rev Dr. Roy J. Henry, has informed.
“We are going to be asking the congregation at the Vigil to make an offering towards that end and also to assist in the expenses of the Vigil, and we know that Jamaica is going to rise to the occasion and we reach out to the hospital,” he said.
Reverend Henry was speaking at a press conference at King’s House last week, hosted by the Executive members of the National Prayer Vigil Committee to announce plans for the Vigil.
He said he is hoping that enough funds will be raised so “that we could make a contribution of the kind that would really enable the St. Thomas Minister’s Fraternal to even realise half of the journey in purchasing the machine.”

Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon Sir Patrick Allen (left), greets Chairman of the National Prayer Vigil Committee, Rev Dr. Roy J. Henry (centre) as he arrived at King’s House recently for a press conference hosted by the executive members of the National Prayer Vigil Committee, to announce plans for the 17th staging of the National Prayer Vigil.

This year’s staging of the Vigil will be held at the New Testament Church of God, 65 Waltham Park Road, Kingston 11, on Sunday December 12, starting at 6 p.m. The vigil will be hosted by the church’s Pastor, Bishop Ronald Blair.
Rev Leroy Muir of the St. Thomas Minister’s Fraternity informed that some money has already been raised, and that efforts are ongoing in trying to raise the additional funds to acquire the machine.
“We have also engaged other persons to come on board with us and they have consented to partner with us and the Minister’s Fraternal at St. Thomas, we’re doing our best because this is something that we have to realise for the hospital,” he said.
Local vigils will also be a feature of this year’s Vigil. Fraternals islandwide will engage in prayer in different forms, during the time of the National Vigil.
“What will happen this year is that in certain parishes, there will be prayer where the churches will come together at a local church. In other parishes, they will be praying in different churches,” the Public Relations Officer for the National Prayer Vigil Committee, Evangelist Errol Rattary, explained.

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