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Former principal of the Seaview Primary School in St. Elizabeth, Lorna Wright, is calling for more Jamaicans to volunteer their time and talents to helping the less fortunate.

The 39-year veteran of the education system, who was among 40 teachers honoured with the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation, gives freely of her time to assist others through the Lion’s Club and other community efforts.

“I love being a volunteer…even though you might have little, you can still give. Time, talent, everybody has something that they can give. We need to give back, and your time can mean a lot to somebody,” she stated in an interview with JIS News.

“If you are serving with passion, you don’t think of reward, even though it is nice to be given something,” she added.

The retired principal, who entered the teaching profession in 1970 at Sheffield All-age School in Westmoreland, also taught at several other schools in the parish and in St. Elizabeth over the years. She served 34 years at Seaview Primary, 15 of which were spent as principal.

Mrs. Wright told JIS News that when she heard the news that she was to receive the Prime Minister’s Medal, she was “astonished beyond measure. I was overwhelmed. They called me on my birthday to tell me; that made it even more special”.

One person, who was not surprised, is past student Tracey Boreland, who told JIS News that the recognition is well deserved. “Based on her work and her involvements, she is deserving of it,” she said.

Ms. Boreland, who attended and now teaches at Seaview All-Age, said Mrs. Wright was an inspiration to her and her fellow students. “She was a mother to us all. I admire her because of the values that she instilled, not only me, but all my classmates and school mates,” she said.

“She was stern, but a very loving and caring person. If persons came to school and they had no money, she provided them with lunch and (snack), and if the home that they were coming from, if there was no money there to cover food, she assisted those households. So I tried my best to work hard so that one day I could do the same things,” Ms. Boreland told JIS News.


By Garfield L. Angus

JIS Regional Office (Montego Bay)

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