JIS News

Come January 2005, the Venezuelan government will be shipping some 100 prefabricated units to the island to assist in the reconstruction and relocation efforts, which have been ongoing in the two months since Hurricane Ivan.
According to information contained in a Ministry Paper tabled in the House of Representatives by Prime Minister P.J Patterson on Tuesday (November 23) the units will assist in the construction of 590 houses for families in the low-lying areas of Portland Cottage and Rocky Point in Clarendon, Old Harbour in St. Catherine and Brighton/Salmon Point/Little Bay in Westmoreland, which were severely impacted by strong winds, storm surges and flooding during the hurricane.
A total of 250 families in Portland Cottage will be relocated to the Tulloch property located in Harmony Hall. The eight-month construction period is slated to begin at the end of November.
Meanwhile some 169 families will be relocated from Rocky Point to lands at Salt Savannah, while some 129 families in Old Harbour will be relocated to Burkesfield in St. Catherine. Construction for both areas is expected to begin on December 6 and 15 respectively, for completion in eight months.
In addition, construction for the relocation of some 55 families from Brighton/Salmon Point/Little Bay to Crosbie in Westmoreland commenced on Monday, November 22 and is slated for completion within four months.

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