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Mayor of Kingston, Senator Angella Brown Burke, is encouraging all vendors to take the necessary steps to register with the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) and to display their identification cards at all times.

This, she said, is very important as the KSAC will be taking the necessary steps to ensure that vending takes place in a safe and orderly manner.

Mayor Brown Burke was addressing a press conference, prior to meeting with Councillors at the Council’s Church Street chambers in downtown Kingston on November 13.

Meanwhile, she informed that the KSAC, in collaboration with the police, has started a series of clean-up activities in the market district to remove old stalls and debris, and that safety and security issues will be addressed. She pointed out that this is in keeping with the aim of cleaning up the city, and providing an improved shopping experience downtown.

“We have also enhanced our municipal enforcement team in the market district, and the team is working closer with the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Island Special Constabulary Force to ensure that all safety and security issues are identified and addressed,” she noted.

Senator Brown Burke added that in consultation with vendors and persons who work in the markets, a set of rules and guidelines have also been agreed on for operations in the market. “We have a responsibility to provide a safe and orderly environment for business downtown. We are duty-bound in the interest of the majority to do so,” she emphasised.

The Mayor also informed that renovation work has begun on sanitary facilities at the Papine and Queens Markets, assuring that proper maintenance will be implemented to keep the facilities clean, once they are completed.

“We have met with our market managers, the vendors committee and our technical team to ensure that we have discussion that leads to improving the standards in the markets,” she said.